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iSofter DVD Rip Software FAQ

iSofter DVD Rip software can rip your favorite DVD movies to VCD, SVCD, AVI, DivX. With the DVD Rip software, you can rip DVD movies’ any segment, furthermore, set output file size to fit your CD-R. Anyway, the DVD Rip software will provide you with new experience in DVD Rip, DVD to VCD, DVD to DivX, DVD to AVI, DVD to MPEG.

Q: Can DVD Ripper rip files encoded with CSS encryption technology?

A: Yes, iSofter DVD Ripper can rip protected movies. But that doesn't mean it can rip all DVDs. For some reasons, a few of DVDs still cannot be copied.
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Q: What is the best output format?
A: In general, I recommend users to use DivX codec or Microsoft MPEG4 codec which has better quality or smaller file size. If you haven't installed DivX codec, please download it from here. It's free.

Q: How to choose codec when ripping to AVI?
A: Please open the "Settings" menu and choose "Output Settings". In the pop-up window, firstly choose "AVI(DivX, YUV)", and then the software allows you to choose a codec in the droplist below. You can choose "DivX codec" to convert DVD to DivX.

Q: The output quality is bad. What should I do?

A: If the dimension is too small, the output will have tiny block when the playback window is enlarged. For example, the resolution is 120x80, but the playback window is 640x480. Or you can try to change another codec to encode.

Q: How can I compress the output file to a certain size?
A: If you want to convert DVD to VCD(MPEG1) or SVCD(MPEG2), you can open the Settings menu and select "Output Settings". Firstly, choose Video CD or Super Video CD as output format and then press "whole" button. Change the video and audio bitrate (generally, 128K for audio is enough), you will know how large the output file will be (If you want 700M, try to make it less than 700M by adjusting video bitrate).
Now iSofter DVD Ripper cannot calculate the output file size if converting to AVI. But after calculating the output size with MPEG1/MPEG2, you can use the same video/audio bitrate with AVI. In the Input Settings window, select AVI. Press "Audio MP3" button, choose audio bitrate. Then choose DivX or MPEG-4 codec and press "pass1 settings" button. Drag the bar(Data Rate bar in MPEG-4 codec settings or Encoding bitrate bar in DivX settings) to the video bitrate.

Q: The output file is out of sync. What did I do wrong?
A: The sync problem should be resolved in the new version 2.0.11. If you aren't using the version please download it from our site. Open "Help" - "About" menu, you will see the version number.
A wrong frame rate can cause sync problem. Please change another frame rate in "Input Settings" window. Also you can try to check/uncheck "Detect progr 24 Hz" and "Force 24 Hz". Sometimes it is helpful.
Another possible reason we've found is that you installed Archos AV300 video\mp3 player. It seems that iSofter DVD Ripper conflicts with the software. So if you do have it, please uninstall it to have a try.

Q: I want to get a completed file without being split, how can I do?
A: If you want to convert the entire DVD to one file, please choose "Infinite" in "Volume Size" combo-box and then press "Encode Checked Item(s)" button (the default when you load a DVD is that all titles/chapters are checked).

Q: What influences the ripping speed?
A: The ripping speed mainly depends on your computer capability, secondly on the output format/codec, and also a little on the DVD/CD driver. In general, on a P4 2.4G computer and with the DivX codec, it'll take half of the movie's duration to rip a DVD. Converting to standard MPEG1 may take more time, about the same as the movie's duration.

Q: Why is the "To" input box gray when encoding segment?
A: The "To" input box of "Encode Segment" window wasn't allowed to edit when the software was designed. We're considering to let it editable because some users are confused by it. If you want a clip, please choose "Encode Segment" in File menu, then enter the beginning time and the duration of the song. For example, you want a clip from 00:20:20 to 00:35:00, you should enter From 00:20:20 and the Length is 00:14:40.

Q: I heard hissing noise in the output file. Why?
A: Please firstly make sure the sound in the DVD are normal. Then there are two ways may resolve the problem. 1. Increase the volume in "Input Settings" window. If the ripping volume is too low and you raise it when playback, you may hear the noise. 2. Try to select other audio channels if the DVD has. The order is LPCM 2ch, AC3 2ch, LPCM, AC3. LPCM 2ch is the best choice which can ensure a good sound quality.

Q: The software says "Cannot allocate memory for the temporary buffer." What can I do?

A: Please open the Settings menu - Input Settings window. There's an input box after "Save your DVD drive". Did you change the number? The default is 10MB. If you changed to a large number which exceeded your RAM, the error would appear. If you didn't change any settings, please increase your virtual memory to have a try. Right-click "My computer" and select "Properties". In "Advanced" panel, click "Settings" button of "Performance" area. At the bottom of "Advanced" panel, click "Change" button to change the virtual memory.

Q: My DVD drive cannot play DVD after installing iSofter DVD Ripper? What's wrong?
A: iSofter DVD Ripper automatically installs the new version of ASPI driver when installing. If your software DVD player doesn't support the new version of ASPI, it won't work. You don't have to uninstall iSofter DVD Ripper, just need to reinstall your software DVD player or burning software to restore ASPI.

Q: I'm using a very fast computer, but it took me tens of hours to rip a DVD. What's the problem?
A: Please open the "Input Settings" window to check the number in the area "Save your DVD drive". The option is to tell the program to read some data to your computer (to RAM or hard disk) in order to save your DVD drive. It's harmful to the DVD drive If the program always reads data during the whole ripping. The default is 10Mb with RAM. If you entered a large number, for example 1000Mb, the program would transfer the DVD data to the computer before and during ripping by 1000Mb. That may cause a very low ripping speed. So we recommend users to try to use the default settings.

Q: I got the message "Create Output Directory Failed", and then "Save ID3 Tag failed". What's wrong?
A: The message shows that you've chosen a wrong output path. Please note don't choose your DVD drive as output path because files cannot be saved there.

Q: The software says "ASPI not available. The program won't be able to unlock DVD drive and to read file bigger than 2GB." What can I do?
A: Please try to uninstall and reinstall the software. Also, you may download and install the ASPI manually at http://www.nu2.nu/aspi/. The latest version is 4.71.2.

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