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3GP Video Converter FAQ   3gp converter for mac

Q: I want to convert a file to 3GP, but the quality of the target file is too terrible. How can I get a better quality 3GP file?
A: You'd better set the "Video codec" to "mpeg4", which is better than others, and select a larger "Video Size" with the "True" for "Same_quality" choice. You will get a 3GP file with better quality, it is a matter of course that the size of the 3GP file would become larger.

Q: My output file is out of sync. How to solve it?

A: Please lower down the video bit rate to have a try. It can be found on the right panel of the software. You also can solve it by adjusting the frame rate.

Q: I want to convert my 3gp files to MPEG1/2, but I got a "Fail" after I clicked "Encode".
A: You have to change some settings to make the Encoder work. For example, change "sample rate" as "44100", "Frame Rate" as "29.97" or another concrete number. If the target file has no sound, you need to change "Audio Channel" to "Stereo".

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Q: Why do some of my AVI files can not be converted to MPEG1/2 and just get "Fail" info?
A: AVI files might be created with lots of different video codec. We found that AVI files with mjpeg codec have the problem mentioned. You also need to change some settings to make the software work. You'd better set "frame rate" as 29.97, "Sample Rate" as "44100" to have a try.

Q: I just want to make a clip of the conversion. How can I set it?
A: You need to set the "Start Time" and "Duration" of the conversion. You should enter the second of the starting point you like by "00:00:00" and then enter the concrete length of the convention. But you must count your length by second. For example, if you want to convert clip of 1 minute and 20 seconds, you should enter "80s" in the "Duration".

Q: My mobile phone can only play the 3GP file with resolution 320x240, but I get "Fail" if I set it with your software.
A: You must choose "mpeg4"as the video codec so that you can succeed converting with the higher resolution.

Q: I want to change some settings for my convention. Where can I found them?

A: All the settings of the software can be found in the right panel of the main interface. After you highlight the file you load and select the output format, the adjustable settings will be active, such as the "Frame Rate", "Sample Rate", "and Video/Audio Bit rate" and so on. Some of them are dropdown lists and some of them can be changed just by entering a concrete number.

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